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PLEASE NOTE the rules and performance requirements have been updated since the 2020 festival,

so please ensure you have read the updated info before entering.

1.Traditional signifies that tunes must be in the Scottish idiom.

2.No-one will be permitted to compete more than once in any class apart from Bass players, Junior Duet competitors playing a different instrument and competitors in Own Composition.​

3.Trios will consist of Accordion, Fiddle and ONE of the following: Electric Piano, Double Bass, Electric Bass Guitar.

4.Bands will consist of 4 to 6 players and must include Accordion and Fiddle.

Junior Band must have 4 players under 16, one of which will be the bandleader.

5.Fiddle Groups will consist of 4 to 8 fiddles.

Only stringed instruments will be permitted as accompaniment, including Electric Piano and Electric Bass Guitar.

6.Class 13 - The Open Button Key Accordion Solo class is for instruments of the British Chromatic/Melodeon type only (i.e., in/out bellow movement produces a different note). Instruments of Continental Chromatic type are not eligible for this class.

7.No electronic instruments except where specified in the rules (Class 15, 16 & 18 allowed electric bass guitar)

8.Own Composition class is open to competitors of any age.  One copy of the tune to be submitted along with video.

Electric Piano accompaniment will be permitted. For this class only a previous recording will be allowed providing the tune has not been entered into this class previously at the NAAFC Festival. The tune should also be unpublished.

9. Electric Piano accompaniment is permitted for all Solo Fiddle classes, the name of accompanist must be provided.

10.The classification “Junior” signifies under 16 years of age on the day of the competition. “Senior” classes are for players 16 years and over on the day of the competition (i.e., Senior classes are NOT open). In sections where the classification “Open” includes competitors of any age.

11.All competitors in the Classical/Variety classes please note that if you opt to play a Polka it must be classical.

12.As per British Federation of Music Festival rules: No photocopies will be accepted unless accompanied by written authority from the publishers. Arrangements can only be accepted if accompanied by written authority of the publisher”.

13.Class 7 – Maximum 64 bars for each tempo. To be played in any Scottish style.

14.Class 18 – Open to competitors of all ages. Max of 6 in group. Must include Accordion or fiddle with any other instrumentalists. Own choice of music in traditional style. Maximum 6 mins of music. Electronic instruments permitted for this section only. Competitors can only represent 1 Accordion and Fiddle club.

15.Class 25 – Open to competitors of all ages, and to both accordion and fiddle.

Minimum of 3 waltzes. Electric Piano accompaniment will be permitted.

16. Class 27 – Open to competitors of all ages, and to both accordion and fiddle. Two 6/8 Marches to be played. 

Electric Piano accompaniment will be permitted.

17. Entries must be submitted no later than 21:00 on 20th February 2021.

Any entries received after this date will only be accepted at the discretion of the committee.

18.Please make Online payments using the payments page.

19.All videos submitted must be of the live performance (i.e., no editing or over-dubbing)

20. Video recording should be made specifically for the NAAFC Virtual Festival and must not be published or shared elsewhere online before the end of the Festival on 6th March 2021.

21. In all classes the video must show a clear view of the instrument without any obstructions (i.e.: Music stands etc.)

22.Group performances i.e.: duos, trios, bands, fiddle groups, accordion & fiddle club groups etc., can be recorded separately and merged using software.

It is the responsibility of the entrant to provide the finished recording. If you are having difficulty with this please let us know via the 

" Contact Us" page as we may be able to help.

23. In classes where piano accompaniment is permitted you will be allowed to accompany yourself.

24. Any person can perform more than once in the trio, band & group classes provided they are playing a different instrument in each entry.

25. All competitors submitting an entry hereby agree to their video or photos taken from video footage being posted online for public viewing on YouTube and other platforms, if you would like your video removed following the competitions please contact us via the “ Contact Us” page.

26. All competitors submitting an entry hereby agree to the sound from their video potentially being used by the BBC on a future Take The Floor programme. Anyone who wishes for their performance not to be broadcast by the BBC please let us know via the " Contact Us" page no later than 28th February 2021.

27. Any competitor who wishes their personal details not to be held by the NAAFC to let us know via the " Contact Us" page by 1st April 2021.

28. In all classes, the adjudicator’s decision is final.

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